SGRI was formed at the end of the 1990s to manage the development of Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden – the first and biggest public botanical roof garden in the world with its 9500 square meters. In the beginning of 2000 SGRI developed advanced research & demonstration activity to promote Green Roof development in Scandinavia which 2006 resulted in the first doctorate of green roofs in Scandinavia and an ongoing close partnership with the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU). Main activities of SGRI are managing technical visits, arranging seminars and courses, providing consultancy support, developing new green roof concepts and niches. SGRI is owned by the most northern green roof association in Europe; Scandinavian Green Roof Association (SGRA). The board of SGRI consists of SGRA member organizations which consist of academia, public and private sectors - including Scandinavia’s leading green roof companies –and thus provides wide-ranging technical services to SGRI.

SGRI facilitate university green roof courses and in 2011-2012 also began to develop vocational green roof training material. As a partner in the TOI project Green Roof Course SGRI has innitiated collaboration with upper secondary vocational Schools in Malmö and in Copenhagen. In SGRIs board, SLU together with Malmö City’s municipal vocational school brings additional educational expertise. Hence, SGRI has a very strong educational network for disseminate new knowledges and green roof niches.  SGRI is eager to import the advanced knowledge from the Austrian and Swizz partners in the niche of green roofs for pollinators and solar panels in combination, and meanwhile strengthen the green infrastructure in Europe.