The Institute of Natural Resource Sciences & Research Department of Urban Green Spaces have competence & experiences (research/assessments, education, consultancy and expertise) in improving the urban spaces for flora and fauna (biodiversity), the well being for human beings (quality of life: health, air quality, urban heat island effects, etc.) & innovative green infrastructures/ technologies (renewable energy & flora/fauna – combinations, working from the ecosystem services perspective).

The following research groups of urban green spaces & eco-technologies work on the following topics (research & education) since many years:

  • Urban Ecology
  • Promoting biodiversity in the cities
  • Plants use in urban spaces (Urban forestry, mixed plant concepts for urban spaces, ecological landscaping and maintenance)
  • Management of open urban space (Life cycle assessment,
  • Green Care and Garden Therapy
  • Green Roofs and Green Walls (inclusive Solar panels)
  • Aquaponic in urban spaces (Spin Off Urban Farmers)
  • Ecosystem Services and biodiversity

The primary role of the ZHAW is to transfer the expertise, experience, knowledge & skills base of our team to help develop appropriate vocational training and innovative green infrastructures with ecological (biodiversity) perspective.