Our aims


To build accredited training programmes that will develop workforce skills to install & maintain a green roof that will hold solar panels as well as stimulate pollinators.


A mix of small to large, public & private organisations united in developing innovative curriculum around sustainable rooftop construction. We offer higher education research, VET providers allied with private construction businesses successfully selling this service in the European marketplace.

London Green Roof For Biodiversity

London Green Roof For Biodiversity



To produce a programme of training for contractors on green roofs;

  1. Designed to facilitate solar panels
  2. Designed to stimulate pollinators
  3. Designed to do both the above


  1. A unique & innovative training programme available to European contractors currently not offered elsewhere globally
  2. New skills, new jobs facilitating competitiveness through innovation & knowledge
  3. Further raise the awareness of green roof benefits
  4. Stimulate enterprise & employment